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CVK: Extended Play

Wilbury Theater • PVD Fringe • Summer 2022

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Clever and 

Vainglorious Kings

a pop-synth prophesy...

In 1986, the legendary, but short lived new wave duo CVK (Clever and Vainglorious Kings) played their final show at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, Massachusetts. The band had produced only one four song EP and two full length records, and then disbanded as suddenly as they had come onto the scene. Dismissed by critics as "disco-tinged drivel" and "as pretentious as they are derivative,"  CVK achieved a cult status for their live shows, in which their musical performances were interwoven with political commentary, tales from their own personal narratives and (most quizzically) theatrical reenactments of Greek myths. By the release of their second and final album in 1985, the two had, in fact, assumed the characters of the Greek gods Artemis and Apollo, characters they would maintain both on and off the stage until their disbandment and subsequent disappearance the following year.

In the summer of 2022, CVK will reunite for one final show. With this show, their press release claims, CVK "resume their roles as the prophets, seers and bringers of light that every generation needs."

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