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The National Theater of the United States of America  (2000 - 2017)

The National Theater of the United States of America was a 17-year experiment in collaborative theater making. The group was founded in (roughly) 2000 by Hawley, Stanley, and multi-disciplinary co-conspirators Ryan Bronz, Yehuda Duenyas, Mark Doskow, and Jonathan Jacobs. A year later Normandy Sherwood joined and became a core collaborator in all of it's works. The NTUSA worked together to conceive, build and execute spectacular works of theater that often re-imagined various forms in the history popular entertainment in America. They also threw some pretty good parties.


While this core drove the vision of the shows, the NTUSA family also consisted of constant collaborators Ilan Bachrach, Jody Elff, Matt Kalman, Ben Kato, Aimee McCormick, George Nobl, Jamie Peterson, and Ean Sheehy.


The NTUSA began its work by building theaters into derelict buildings and raw spaces through residencies with chashama and Two Trees Realty. They eventually staged works at PS122, The Chocolate Factory, Bushwick Starr, the Kitchen, the Invisible Dog, Abrons Arts and other venues. Their works toured nationally and internationally and were recognized by an OBIE, a Spalding Gray Award, the LMCC President’s Award and two Henry Hewes Design Award nominations.


In addition to their theatrical works, the NTUSA produced a vinyl record of music, a hand-printed chapbook of poetry, and an illustrated acting manual.

For more comprehensive history of the NTUSA, read this lovely article by Jessica Del Vecchio.


To learn more about their works, click on the link's below (working on this...):


Garvey & Superpant$  (2000-2002, chashama)

Placebo Sunrise  (2002-2004, chashama)

SuperConfidence™  (2002, Galapagos)

What’s That On My Head!?!  (2004, N.E.S.T. Arts)

The Rampant Justice of Abacus Black  (2006, PS122)

The NTUSA’s Moliere’s Don Juan  (2008, Chocolate Factory)

Chautauqua! (2008-2012, PS122)

The Golden Veil (2012, the Kitchen)

A New Practical Guide to Rhetorical Gesture and Action   (53rd State Press/Abrons Arts Center)

What they said....


“…an underground theatrical coup…a triumph of style and stagecraft.”

-Time Out New York


“This mischievous gang of innovators represents some of the best attributes of downtown "experimental" theater…” 

- Gothamist


“One of the most exciting and eccentric young theater companies in town.”

-The New York Times

“Inspired and audacious…”

-Boston Globe

“The National Theater of the United States of America left me stunned and breathless and completely in awe.”

-Malcolm Gladwell

“Tremendous liveliness and devotion…unequivocally gorgeous.”  

-Village Voice


“…Entirely without fear. They have total commitment.” 

-New York Times

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