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The NTUSA's Moliere's Dom Juan

(2008, The Chocolate Factory)

The NTUSA's Moliere’s Dom Juan or the Feast with the Statue  - a production so authentic that it rivals in authenticity Moliere’s own 1665 production at the  Palais-Royal in Paris.  Here, the National Theater of the United States of America recreated the work as Moliere himself intended it to be performed before King Louis the 14th and his queen, his noblemen, gentry and, most essentially, his fools.  Their costumes were heavily researched and authentically made out of real materials to the exact specifications of the original designs - had Moliere actually made the designs himself.  Their set is the set that Moliere would have had originally intended and, in fact, would have employed in his workshop production of the play at the L'usine de Chocolat in Pateaux, had he designed the sets.  The NTUSA’s first execution of a classical text, this production was the most important and authentic production that this poor but award-winning company has ever attempted. 

Adapted by James Stanley and Normandy Sherwood

Directed by Jonathan Jacobs

Designed by NTUSA

Sound by Drengas

Sonic Manipulations by Jody Elff

Stage Managed by Jamie Peterson

Featuring: Ilan Bachrach, Ryan Bronz, Mark Doskow, Yehuda Duenyas, Jesse Hawley, Aimee McCormick, Normandy Sherwood, James Stanley, Sam Rosenfeld and Gordon Ramsey



"another one of the company's brilliant exercises in authentic fakery."

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