Jesse Hawley and James Stanley are longtime collaborators and creative partners. They did their first show together in 1997 in New York City. Since then they have collaborated on multiple projects, mostly with the OBIE winning Brooklyn based arts collective the National Theater of the United States of America (NTUSA.ORG), a company they co-founded with several conspirators between 2000 and 2001. The NTUSA created immersive spectacles, music and various material artifacts that engaged with the history of American popular entertainment. In their shows, they reimagined vaudevilles, self-help seminars, amusement park rides, Chautauquas, Victorian parlor theatricals and other historical forms to see what they could reveal of our cultural inheritance. Their shows have been presented at The Kitchen, PS122, the Chocolate Factory, the Public Theater, The Walker Center (MN), the Wilbury Theater (RI) and others venues. Their works have toured nationally and internationally and have been recognized with an OBIE Award, a Spalding Gray Award, the LMCC Presidents Award and two Henry Hewes Design Award nominations.

Having recently relocated to Massachusetts, Hawley and Stanley have begun a new set of experiments in theater and music in collaboration with New England based artists and theaters. Their show House Warming premiered at the Wilbury Theater in 2017, ran at the B House Performance Garage/Shack in Beacon, NY in 2018 and will be performing at Torn Page in NYC in 2019. Their forthcoming piece CVK began development at the SPACE on Ryder Farm in 2018, and will premiere at the Wilbury Theater in Providence, RI in 2020.