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House Warming

Created in 2017 as part of the Wilbury Theater's New Works program, and in our living room, House Warming was performed in theatrical and domestic spaces between 2017-2019

"House Warming is the best kind of uncomfortable party - the kind that you can't bear to leave because you must find out what will happen next... I wanted it to last until dawn.

-Kate Sclesa, Playwright

"... like a kettle slowly heating up, reaching boiling point, then exploding into green glitter:

-Morgan Green, Director

"...extraordinary veteran downtown performers, theater-makers, and songwriters ...they took underground theater to a new level by making theater in their living room."

- Young Jean Lee, Playwright


House Warming as an intimate, immersive show for a small audience. Staged as a house party with you as our guests, House Warming combines the domestic parlor theatrics of Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf? with the surreal, noir aesthetics of Daniel Clowes Eightball comics in an exploration on identity, isolation and the psychic entropy that tends to take hold when we feel ourselves closed off to the outside world.

Helen and Lloyd are a middle aged couple who recently moved to a small New England town. In their newfound isolation, they begin to question the various narratives that have long been the pillars of their shared reality. Join them for an evening of drinks, live music, dance, story telling and psychic turmoil.

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