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Abacus Black Strikes NOW!

PS122, 2006

"There is only one safe place in the world!  And that place is the City of Gold.  And you know what I’m talking about.  It’s a magical place where you can’t help but know that everything is going to be okay.  Just like that place in your mind that tells you, in certain instances, “Yeah.  This is good.  I’m going to be okay.  Whatever happens, I know that I am lucky to be me and not one of those mindless sociopathic nightmares just beyond those doors who see us as  food and nothing else.  I’m lucky!” 


"Like that place in your brain.  But  a real place.  Yeah. A real city.  A real place.  With a top notch defense system.  Totally self-sustaining. A place where those bastards, who  have caused so much death and misery and terror, can’t get in! 


That’s where we’re going.  Tonight.  And there’s only one man who can help us..."

Written by James Stanley and Normandy Sherwood

Directed by Yehuda Duenyas

Original Songs by Jesse Hawley

Designed by NTUSA

Lights by Ben Kato

Sound by Drengas

Sonic Manipulations by Jody Elff

Featuring: Mark Doskow, Jesse Hawley Jonathan Jacobs, Normandy Sherwood and James Stanley

***2006 OBIE Award for Design

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